Saturday, November 10, 2018

SC Day

Today is a great day. I don't have to work today. I don't have a care in the world today. I don't have to answer to anyone. It is a rare day.

So what do you do with a day without demands?  There is a new term I've been hearing - a day of self-care. I have wondered what my day would be like. Today will be my day to find out. Mainly cause I have no idea when a day like today will come again.

Going back to bed for a while after the dogs were out was my start. Going for a drive to nowhere. A strange thing - window shopping for myself. I usually shop for others or for things needed around the house. Did you know that there were stores filled with pretty things just for women? Jewelry stores filled with beautiful things just to wear for adornment that doesn't have to represent anything. I thought about maybe going to a hairdresser but there wasn't an appointment to be had LOL 

Lunch was treat time. Does chocolate cake count as a meal? It was fun to just have sweets without worrying about calories or someone else's judgment.  I might be too full for supper.

The afternoon will consist of laying around with a big bowl of popcorn and old movies. Sweatpants and an old, worn out t-shirt is the 'uniform' of the day.

Currently, the house is full of music, an eclectic mix of old rock, country and upbeat dance. Not sure anyone would want to listen to it but I am having fun dancing around.

Next time I will plan for my self-care day. Suggestions??

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