Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Riddle Me This

What is it to be happy?

We hear the question all the time, are you happy? Have you ever thought about what is being happy?

Recently a friend was told that she is never happy, that she is doesn't know how to be happy, and that she is just getting through life. I really thought that was harsh and set out a find a way to help.

I thought the easiest way was to start was to define 'happy'. Well, after a few days, I realized that the word happy actually has no meaning except as a descriptive. It's a word we associate with joy or contentment. I looked up 'happy' in several dictionaries. It is an adjective, so not a descriptive at all.

Over my search, the best definition I found was "feeling or showing pleasure or contentment". Then I thought I would look up happiness, which is a noun defined as "the state of being happy". Back to the word 'happy', which doesn't mean anything ??

We might as well use the word 'bubble' in its place. But the word bubble actually means something lol.

I still don't know what 'happy' is supposed to mean. So, telling someone that they don't know how to be happy is a meaningless statement. It seems its only purpose was to cause more discomfort into a life that was already looking for purpose and stability.

The next time someone asks 'are you happy?', ask them what they mean by the question and walk away. If you can smile, once, during your day, consider it a win.

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