Friday, August 03, 2018

Parts of the Circle

There is a missing piece, again, in my life. We all start with a circle full of parts to make a whole. As we grow we have the privilege of adding more pieces. Some only stay for a short while because they are just passing through our lives. They are there to add emotions to our circle. Be they positive or negative they are the parts that help us grow up. Help us learn to be the people we are meant to be.

Once we start walking in our own shoes and making our own choices, life opens up all kinds of doors. Places we go, things we do and the people we love. The ones we love add to the circle, add to the wholeness of who we are.

As our walk through life continues, and we get further from our beginning, we start losing pieces. Some of the pieces can never be replaced. They leave us with a hole where they used to be. We have the memories and the stories and the warm feelings just thinking of them. As time passes the hole gets easier to live with but never goes away.

I have lost a lot of pieces over the years. Some of the temporary pieces are forgotten unless triggered by memory. But the hole caused by important pieces are always there. They stay with you, walk with you and still try to help you along the way.

Recently I lost another piece. This piece will leave a different kind of hole in my circle. It is still there but no longer an active part of my life. It left without looking back. It tore away parts that are bleeding and will bleed for a long time. This is a new type of pain I am not sure how to go on with. But, from this loss, I hope I will eventually recover. The damage is done, it can't be repaired.

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