Wednesday, August 01, 2018


Until recently I was bombarded with negative opinions regarding a common acquaintance. I didn't have the opportunity to work closely with this person. Very rarely was there anything positive said. The characteristics offered were usually "stubborn", "won't take direction", "has to do things their way", "will not listen", and "has to argue about everything". No matter what I believed, it was hard to not to listen to all the negatives and have them creep into my thoughts and, I'm ashamed to say, beliefs.

A fortnight ago several things changed, this acquaintance and I started working together and spending a lot more time together. What I have discovered is that all the negative opinions and comments were wrong! The person in question has a wonderful, quick mind. They can create solutions for either simple or difficult problems 'on the fly'. A wonderful trait that allows work to be finished in a timely manner with, usually, better than expected results. They are open to suggestions and willing to try doing things a new way.

Recently we came upon a dilemma that did not seem to have a solution. Two days of trying solution after solution that failed, we thought we were at an impasse and would have to scrap the project we had been working on so diligently. We were both disappointed and called it a day. The next morning, after being held up with meetings, I arrived to find the project complete. The solution had presented its self while I was away. We spent the rest of the day celebrating :)

How many times do we hear an opinion in a week? How many times is it about someone we only remotely know or don't see very often? Do you believe all the opinions? How much do you trust the source? Should you trust the opinion of others?

"I heard that ......." please fill in your own negative gossip. Is this what we really should be basing our opinion of others on? Have you ever stopped to wonder what those same opinionated people are saying about you? If they can malign one person, what stops them from doing the same to others.

If someone new comes into your life, form your own opinion. If you do hear something, anything takes it with a grain of salt. Leave your mind open and form your own opinion. That new person could turn into a best friend, a wonderful employee or a companion that will fulfill a gap in your life.

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