Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Have you ever thought of what night is or what it means to you? 

Have you ever considered what night really is and why, as children, we think everything is hidden in the night? 

We are told that most things to be feared are hidden in the dark of night.

Again, welcome, to the night, to the absence of light, the absence of color, the absence of the 'reality' we live with during the day. Let the night wrap you in its embrace of endless possibilities and endless reality.

I welcome the setting of the sun, the decreasing brilliance of colors as they fade to shades of grey. I enjoy the absence of distractions caused by tricks of light, glimmers, reflections, and refractions. The escape to the endless possibilities of the universe. 

The answers to questions that elude us during the day become crystal clear when the outside world is effectively turned off and our minds are free to explore all facets of the question.

Where will this night take us? What will we be able to create before dawn? Perhaps we can find the path to bring the night peace through to the day.

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