Wednesday, July 25, 2018

To start the Day

The day started wonderfully with an outdoor breakfast. One of my daughters will be traveling abroad so we had a quiet gathering before she had to leave. Everyone had what they liked to eat instead of making a lot of food - with half of it either going in the fridge or the dogs getting a second meal (I am sure they would have loved that idea).

It was nice to just sit together and enjoy nature. To talk and laugh without worrying if there was enough of anything and was there enough for everyone to eat. I think it is how a breakfast gathering should be.

I remember when I was growing up having breakfast outside at our summer house. Often we would have company and my mother would be up early to start 'fussing' over breakfast. Eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, toast (by the loaf) and an array of fresh fruits. They were all prepared by her loving hands. But, by the time she finished cooking and getting everything on the table, most were finished eating and she would be left to eat alone. She loved entertaining but it always made me sad to see her eating alone after all her hard work.

Once I was old enough to start helping with the preparations, I would 'shoo' her outside and take care of the finishing touches. It was wonderful to see her sitting at the table with everyone, smiling. I would peek out the window, which served as a pass-through, to make sure nothing was lacking. There were times when she would try to come back into the kitchen, dad started side-tracking her while I got more fruit or toast or coffee ready.

This morning brought back so many wonderful memories of those breakfasts. I am still smiling as I am writing this post. It will definitely be added to my 'happy memories' file 😄.

The surprise of the meal was an early birthday gift. A SodaStream just for me 😍  I have been looking at buying one for about a year but with so many other things needed, it was always put on the 'to get list'. Well, now I have one. I will have to go shopping for flavors now 😉.

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