Friday, July 27, 2018

Steps in a Day

Have you ever thought of how many steps there are in every day? Oh, I don't mean physical steps, even though those are important too. Along with the steps are the choices we make for which path we take.

Think about it for a minute, when you wake up, are you going to get up or do you roll over? Once you are up, make a full breakfast or grab toast and coffee? What are you going to wear for the day? Formal or casual?

All these can be considered steps. All the choices can be called paths. In a day, how many paths do we pick?

When you think about the things we do every day, throughout the week, every week, how many are things we do out of habit? How much of our day do we spend on autopilot?

Maybe tomorrow, start the day by thinking about how wonderful the day will be. Stop and really taste your breakfast. Take a moment and look out a window. Start your day by taking a few minutes for enjoyment. Enjoyment of having another day to walk through. Whether you take ten seconds or ten minutes, take the time to smile.

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