Monday, July 30, 2018

Time in Life .. .. ..

There comes a time in life when you must walk away from all
the pointless drama and people who create it and surround yourself
with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus on the good. 

Life is too short to be anything but happy.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

"I don't regret my past, I just regret the time I've wasted on the wrong people." - Unknown

This quote got me thinking. Do I really regret anything from my past? The people, the places, the 'roads not taken' or the roads that were taken, how did they affect who I am today?  I can look back and see clearly the crossroads at each critical point in my past. I know the results of the paths I choose and the people that I spent my time with.

What if I would not have moved to western Canada? What if I had spent more time studying? What if I had seen the value of attending college and then University right after high school? What if I had been a better judge of character? What if I had moved to a different province when the opportunity arose? Who would I be today?
I know where I am right now. I know what I wish was different. I know who I would like to have back in my life. I also know who I am glad is no longer in my life. I can look back with both joy and sadness at all the time that has past before this very moment.

Regret - it is not a valid way to spend time. I will admit that I am not proud of all the decisions I made but I do not regret them. Every bump, every decision, every person I met, every job I accepted or rejected brought me here. Right here.

I have a family that I love. Sure, there are things that could be better, things that I 'wish' I had but do I regret the road that brought me here, no. The roads that I took gave me my children. If one thing was changed in my past, from the people I interacted with to the places I traveled, I might not have one or more of my children.
They complete my days and fulfill my spirit.

If regret has to enter into my life, it is not due to the people I spent time with, but that I don't have more to give.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

How Would You Answer?

Spent a lovely afternoon with friends from years gone by. Some I hadn't seen for decades. It was wonderful just to sit around the table and share stories of times when we were all together planning to conquer our futures.

Learning that through the years our paths had almost crossed numerous times was the most interesting part. One friend had arrived in Edmonton just days before I moved to British Columbia. Another had been living in North Vancouver while I was just south of the city.

Through the luncheon, I kept hearing "if only I had done ____ instead of ______, things would have been so much different" or "if I had gone (here) instead of (there)". I was surprised at the sounds of regrets I heard in their voices at times.

They all seemed happy with where they were in their lives today. Happy with their families and who their children had grown up into. Proud of where life had brought them. I am sure there were things that were of a darker nature that were not mentioned. Shadows that clouded chapters of their lives.

An afternoon with old friends is not the place to relive dark chapters and sadness. It is always a time to shine, share the sunshine and laugh with the people who you started your adventure with.

Afterward, I kept thinking of the "if only's" I had heard. It got me thinking about my own "if only's". Choices I had made and what would have happened if I had taken another path.

I stopped and thought about what I have and where I am. I thought about what I wouldn't have if I had done somethings differently. Would I have my children? Would I have been able to spend those last few years of my Mother's life with her?

I like where I am right now. Taking time to look back there were a lot of "Y"s in the path but I chose my path, at the time, and arrived where I am. What if's serve no actual purpose, except to create regrets. If I had taken other paths, I would not be here right now, or maybe I would be?

So, how would you answer the "what if I had _________" question? Do you regret the paths you have taken? Do you like who you are right now?

If you don't like where you are, or who you are, what are you going to do to change? Looking back into the shadows of the past won't help. Go forward into the sunlight and make your future bright.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Steps in a Day

Have you ever thought of how many steps there are in every day? Oh, I don't mean physical steps, even though those are important too. Along with the steps are the choices we make for which path we take.

Think about it for a minute, when you wake up, are you going to get up or do you roll over? Once you are up, make a full breakfast or grab toast and coffee? What are you going to wear for the day? Formal or casual?

All these can be considered steps. All the choices can be called paths. In a day, how many paths do we pick?

When you think about the things we do every day, throughout the week, every week, how many are things we do out of habit? How much of our day do we spend on autopilot?

Maybe tomorrow, start the day by thinking about how wonderful the day will be. Stop and really taste your breakfast. Take a moment and look out a window. Start your day by taking a few minutes for enjoyment. Enjoyment of having another day to walk through. Whether you take ten seconds or ten minutes, take the time to smile.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Milestone Reached

Today was my celebration day, yup it was my Birthday LOL. I am another year older, not sure about the wiser 😏.

It was a very peaceful day, which started with breakfast with my daughter. It was a relaxed meal as neither of us had to run off for work, so we got to enjoy the meal and catch up. After we went for a spot of shopping before we went our separate ways.

The afternoon was spent with another daughter wandering through stores just looking. I had a few small things that I needed to pick up but the rest of the time we just snooped. There are so many things new that to me seem redundant. It seems there are a lot of companies that produce products to make our lives easier. Most of the 'gadgets' I saw today, I found a waste of money. I think easier is equivalent to spend more and get more clutter. The cost of a 'gadget' to cube garlic was ridiculous. I good sharp knife, which has numerous uses, would do the job better and probably faster.

By the end of the afternoon, we were both hot and sticky. It was a very humid day. Even though we had plans on what to make for supper, take out was the winner. We found chicken and wedge potatoes that fit the bill perfectly.

The end of the day was celebrated with a small chocolate cake and ice cream. No big bands. No fussy parties. No entertaining that usually causes a big mess to clean up. Just a simple meal followed by a gateau and ice cream.

Tomorrow starts a new year of highs and lows. (We need to lows to recognize the highs). I don't know what the year will bring but it will arrive day by day. I guess how we deal with each day will make the year interesting. It will also add to the chapters of the novel we each write with our lives.

I Admit It

Last night a wrote a post for this blog. As is my habit, I always re-read what I write before I hit the 'Publish' button. After I finished writing, I took a break away from the computer, thankfully I did too. The post was so full of negativity, re-reading it upset me.

So, then I decided to replace things that were negative with 'bleep'. LOL, the post then looked more like .. ...

bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, .. .. well you get the idea. I really don't want the negativity of life to be recorded here and to be looked back on in the future. We need to move forward, not dwell in 'what ifs' and 'if that had been different' thoughts. Once something is said or done, it has been said and done. Can't go back, can't push replay, no do-overs.

You can regret words and actions but there really is no way to erase any of it. So, think before you speak or take any action.

I admit that negatives enter my life, but I try not to share them. Just need to move past them.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

To start the Day

The day started wonderfully with an outdoor breakfast. One of my daughters will be traveling abroad so we had a quiet gathering before she had to leave. Everyone had what they liked to eat instead of making a lot of food - with half of it either going in the fridge or the dogs getting a second meal (I am sure they would have loved that idea).

It was nice to just sit together and enjoy nature. To talk and laugh without worrying if there was enough of anything and was there enough for everyone to eat. I think it is how a breakfast gathering should be.

I remember when I was growing up having breakfast outside at our summer house. Often we would have company and my mother would be up early to start 'fussing' over breakfast. Eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, toast (by the loaf) and an array of fresh fruits. They were all prepared by her loving hands. But, by the time she finished cooking and getting everything on the table, most were finished eating and she would be left to eat alone. She loved entertaining but it always made me sad to see her eating alone after all her hard work.

Once I was old enough to start helping with the preparations, I would 'shoo' her outside and take care of the finishing touches. It was wonderful to see her sitting at the table with everyone, smiling. I would peek out the window, which served as a pass-through, to make sure nothing was lacking. There were times when she would try to come back into the kitchen, dad started side-tracking her while I got more fruit or toast or coffee ready.

This morning brought back so many wonderful memories of those breakfasts. I am still smiling as I am writing this post. It will definitely be added to my 'happy memories' file 😄.

The surprise of the meal was an early birthday gift. A SodaStream just for me 😍  I have been looking at buying one for about a year but with so many other things needed, it was always put on the 'to get list'. Well, now I have one. I will have to go shopping for flavors now 😉.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Day One

Okay, so the title is not original - lol. This is the beginning of a new blog and hopefully a new future.

I have many thoughts that I will share with whoever happens upon this blog. I read several blogs, not necessarily daily but quite often. I have found that other peoples opinions are interesting and lead to further thought on topics. I like getting the opportunity to expand my view on daily life.

You have to be willing to listen (read) what others are thinking and see if their opinions conflict or agree with your own. Now, if it is conflicting, which opinion is more valid. Which is the road to clarity? Who's opinion carries more validity? If you find that your outlook has been formed by erroneous ideas, are you willing to accept that you were wrong? 

This is how we grow as people and humans and a society. We allow our eyes to be opened, to see with a new vision. We are willing to learn something new.

So, with that, I will end this roving first post.

Have a great day :)