Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy 2017

Here is wishing everyone will have a wonderful 2017 !!
“May today be the worst day of your upcoming year.”
It has been a full holiday week, which included a few days at work. We had a great Christmas day surrounded by the whole family. It made for a warm and safe day. We opened gifts and laughed and shared time together. We had a stubborn evening meal. Tom Turkey didn’t want to co-operate and get ready on time. So, the evening meal was a bit later than I wanted but everyone enjoyed the end results. It was a really simple meal that got us around the table. That is something that doesn’t really happen often anymore.
We had a couple of game nights during the week, those have seemed to have disappeared as life marches on and life has become more complicated. Family time is something that has been redefined by chats on a digital device. Texting while in the same building instead of getting up and going to see the person. The game times were wonderful as we were together around a table, in the same room. Those are the moments that I will hold onto from this holiday season.
One more day then the January work panic starts. I guess the panic is not the right word. It is just a rush of work that will take me away from home for most of the month. So tomorrow will be spent getting things ready for a 5-day road trip out of province. Tonight will be movies and relaxation.
Again, all the best for 2017 ðŸ™‚

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