Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and health and happiness for the holidays. It may be old fashion but since my beliefs include Christmas I am wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. In recent years it seems to have become a faux pas to say anything but Happy Holidays. I am sure that will become incorrect to say even that. I respect the beliefs of others but I would hope they would respect mine.
It has been a quiet day with all the kids home for the morning. We opened gifts and then had waffles. Maybe not a traditional breakfast but it was very good. It was a wonderful morning with everyone home and sharing the holiday. The evening meal will be considerably smaller as our youngest had to go to work and our oldest had other commitments.
It will be turkey with the fixings. When I was young we always had goose but they have become had to find and extremely expensive. They used to be cheaper or close to the same price but geese are not popular anymore. There is a duck farm not far from where we live, so we can always a fresh duck. They also offer a lot of duck-related products that are wonderful. My favorite is their duck and orange sausages 🙂 Their pates are great on crackers and rye bread.
Time to go fill the bird. I made stuffing yesterday so that saves a lot of time today. Into the roaster sir turkey will go and while he is basking in the heat the side dishes will be made. The stress-filled meals of days gone by will be replaced by planned simplicity – and a few new gadgets that were not available when I was little 😉 With the roaster on the counter the oven is available for other dishes. No more Tetris in the oven, yay!!
Hope you all have/had a wonderful day!!

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