Thursday, December 15, 2016

It is Cooold out there

It has taken to literally the middle of December for the winter cold to find us.  We have had some cooler days but now we have a bit of snow and freezing temperatures. the furnace is working tonight. There, it just turns on again. Luckily, where we are located, the winds have not come to visit – yet. Years past, the winter winds have blown so hard that I’ve worried about the roof staying where it is supposed to be.
I am lucky to still be in the house I grew up in. I remember winter nights with the winds twisting the snows all over the yard and through the trees. My father getting up every little while to check the windows, the doors and that the furnace was working properly. I would hear him moving quietly from room to room before going back to bed.
The storms we had when I was growing up brought a lot more snow than the winters we have now. I know several people say it is because I am taller now but the fence posts are still the same. The snowbanks were so high that they would hide the car from view. My father would get up extra early, around 4 am, to make sure the walkway and driveway were cleared. Especially if my Mother had to leave for a morning shift. If it snowed during the day, he would put his work things in the house and re-shovel everything before coming in for supper.
The yard was like having our own snow maze every winter. Thinking back I am amazed at the amount of effort my father put into making sure we could get out and then back into the house. We never had a snowblower, just a couple of hand shovels, a larger one for pushing and a smaller, lighter one for throwing the snow up onto the high mounds.

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