Sunday, December 18, 2016

Goodbye Again

Being the last is the worst. Everything evolves and becomes new but being the last one of the old means you are the one that has to say goodbye to the past. How do you pack up someone’s life? How do you decide what to do with the things that remain? The clothes are pretty easy, donation, garbage cause they are worn out, and pass down to who they fit. Then comes the other things that we all have, books, souvenirs from trips or received from friends, photo albums, memories from years long gone. How do you look through someone’s past and pick what should be kept, respected?
It takes time to sort through and say goodbye. To feel and see the memory things bring to mind.  For someone looking in, everything is just old and worn and only worthy of green bags. An old box that was bought at the fair when you were young, brings back the warmth of the sun, the colors of the leaves in autumn and the joy of a treasure found. Okay, so it wasn’t anything special but the warmth of the wood conjures the image of the warm smile as we paid the vendor.
I guess the first pass will have to get rid of the actual irrelevant things. The worst part is the things I haven’t found, where did they go? How did they vanish? Will I find them tucked away with something else? Will it ever get easier or less painful?

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