Thursday, December 22, 2016

Busy Time

I had a second request for a handmade gift from our oldest daughter. The gift is for another daughter but she actually found the pattern for me LOL. She found a video and the directions were linked to it 🙂 Any ideas on how to get more hours in a day or some way to not need to sleep?
I got most of the things sorted from my Mom’s room. That was extremely difficult as every item brought back a memory. There is still a lot of things to go sort through but most of the things that I planned to send for donations have been packed and dropped off. There were some things that just had to be thrown out. The area we live in only does garbage pickup once every three weeks. By next week we will have enough garbage to fill almost three bins.
I am ready to sew the project I mentioned the other day, but I lost my sewing table as it was repurposed last summer. Now I will need to wait for everyone to be finished in the kitchen and take it over for an hour or two. I think I have it set up so that I can do all the machine sewing in one session then hand sew the rest. Wonder if anyone would mind if I use the sewing machine around 3 am LOL
As for the second project, it is almost all crochet. Okay, so I will have some hand sewing at the end to hide all the yarn ends. I am trying to spend a few hours a day crocheting. That is working to get the project done but while I am crocheting I am not doing everything else that is on my list. It is not a difficult project just large 😉  I am almost to the halfway point 🙂
Back to the panic. Hope you all have a great night 🙂

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