Friday, December 16, 2016

Back in Time

I have celebrated Christmas with children for 30 years. Every year I have been delivered lists that include all types of the new toys or newest fashion wants or, in more recent years, electronic updates. The ability to buy all the requested wishes was never possible without winning at least one lottery LOL.
This year I am hunting for a pattern because I have a request for a handmade gift. After the initial shock, I was thrilled to be asked to make something. Now the search for the pattern and supplies. I love the idea of handmade gifts, something that you put a part of yourself into, something you create.
While growing up I was the youngest in my parent’s circle of friends. They had all immigrated to Canada after surviving and escaping a war.  Political unrest had erupted and homes were lost. All the other Children were older than me by at least 10 years. I was spoiled with all kinds of gifts but the ones I valued the most were the ones that people made for me. I party dress, a warm scarf, doll clothes for my dolls or a keepsake like a doily or crocheted tablecloth. These were gifts that did not cost a money but had more value because their value was the time someone had put into creating the gift.
We have moved so far away from the spirit of the holiday, I am not sure we can ever get it back. When my older girls were young an indication that Christmas had become a commercial venture was when stores, desperate for revenue, started Boxing Day Sales two to three weeks before Christmas. The sales were wonderful for low to no income families, but what did it say about the spirit of the season?
I remember listening to people complaining about what they received as gifts. It wasn’t made by a certain company. It wasn’t the color that they had requested. It was a cheap knockoff instead of the brand name. It changed Boxing Day to whine day. The lines at the stores for exchanges kept growing. For an exchange, you need a receipt, no problem they were usually put into the box before it was wrapped. So what was the point of wrapping the gift anyway if it was just going to be returned? A much better idea, that would have saved time and money, would have been to put the money you were going to spend in an envelope with a picture of what you were going to buy glued to it. You didn’t have to go to the store and the person receiving the gift didn’t lose half a day in the returns line. That would have been a win-win situation. A season of joy, goodwill, and happiness, was transformed into one of greed and selfishness. I can understand why a lot of people who grew up in the last few decades are materialistic.
I thought the value of a homemade gift was lost. That made me sad. When I was asked to repurpose a pair of socks into a sock monkey, I was thrilled. Maybe there is hope.
Enough rambling, back to searching for a pattern. The great thing in today’s day and age, the internet. I should be able to find a pattern I can follow in just a few clicks 🙂

Wish me luck 🙂

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