Friday, November 04, 2016

20 Uses for Coke

I like re-purposing products, that I might normally have around the house, for other uses. It cuts down the number of products I have to keep at home. It also helps the budget 😉
The other day a friend sent me a new list for my ‘collection’. Well, I am not sure how new the list is but it is new to me. So, here goes .. .. ..
Of all the soda currently available, Coke is my favorite. I usually have a few bottles around, even though I have gotten away from drinking soda I still have a stash on hand lol.
20 uses for Coke  (hmmm I don’t think there are 20)
  • Clean blood stains from your clothes.
  • Soak pennies to polish them. (Well, not in Canada LOL)
  • Use it to descale a kettle.
  • Pour it in the toilet bowl, leave it for a while, and then flush clean.
  • Eliminate the grease stains from your clothes and fabrics.
  • Clean the oil stains in the garage, pour some on the floor, and then hose off.
  • It can kill slugs and snails.
  • Eliminate the rust stains from your pool. Pour 2 liters of Coke in the pool, and let it work for a while.
  • Soak a sponge or a cloth, in Coke, and you can remove rust and loosen rusty bolts.
  • Pour a bit on car battery terminals to clean them.
  • To get gum out of hair, dip the hair in a bit of Coke, keep it there for 2 minutes, and wipe it off.
  • Use it to clean engines.
  • Remove paint from your metal furniture. Dip a towel in Coke, and apply it on the paint stains.
  • To clean the grout around tile, pour coke on it, leave for a bit and then wipe.
  • Coke can help you fade or remove the hair dye. (might be an interesting way to streak hair ?? )
  • Coke, combined with aluminum foil, can efficiently polish Chrome.
  • Use it to clean the stains from vitreous china.
  • In order to clean the marker stains on the carpet, pour a bit of it, scrub, and rinse with soapy water.
  • Burnt pans – pour in some Coke, leave it to soak, and rinse the pan to clean it.
Some of these sound reasonable, others I am not so sure about. Please leave a comment if you try any of these and your results.
Going to go look for other hacks to post.

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